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GF = gluten free • GFA = gluten free available • GFNA = gluten free NOT available • VGN = vegan • V = vegetarian
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  • Prestige Breakfast Platter


Featuring Le Petit Four Bakery “mini” pâtisserie, Needham, MA – croissant, pains au chocolat, almond croissant, seasonal danish, cinnamon roll
*48 hour notice required

  • Prestige Savory Platter


Featuring Le Petit Four Bakery “mini” pâtisserie, Needham, MA – croissant, ham and cheese croissant, roasted tomato and pistou tart, spinach and feta danish *48 hour notice required

  • Oatmeal Bar (GF, VGN)

    $72 serves 16

cooked with oat milk and maple syrup, bar includes
toasted almonds, golden raisins, banana chips, sliced

  • 88 Acres Granola Bars (GF, VGN)

    $2.25 / ea

apple ginger , chocolate sea salt , triple berry

  • Vegan Chorizo Potato Burrito (GFA, VGN)

    $7 / $8 (GF)

vegan chorizo crumbles, breakfast potato, tortilla

  • Chorizo and Potato Breakfast Burrito (GFA)

    $7 / $8 (GF)

Chorizo, breakfast potato, scrambled eggs, cheese

Soups & Salad

  • Chili Bar (Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian Chili) (GF)

    $95 gallon serves 16 | add cornbread $19.25/dozen

scallions, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole,
crispy tortilla strips (Not GF)

  • Pasta Fagioli (V)

    $59.25 gallon | $15.95 quart

hearty tomato broth, white beans, ditalini pasta

  • Classic Beef Stew

    $79.60 gallon | $19.90 quart

  • French Onion Soup

    $59.25 gallon | $15.95 quart

  • Winter Panzanella Salad (VGN)

    $4.25 pp

roasted squash, roasted cauliflower, red chilies,
toasted baguette, roasted tomato vinaigrette

  • Moroccan Chickpea Salad (GF, V)

    $5.25 pp

carrots, raisins, red peppers, tomato, feta,
chopped kale, mint, scallion

  • Tortellini Pesto Salad (V)

    $5.00 pp

tri-colored tortellini, shaved parmesan, sun dried tomatoes, scallions, pesto dressing

  • Winter Mesclun Salad (GF, V)

    $50 small (8-10) | $75 medium (12-15) | $95 large (16-20)

arugula, shaved fennel, oranges, honey-lemon vinaigrette

  • Spicy Nashville Salad Topper

    $135 small (8-10) | $199 med (12-15) | $260 large (16-20)

Nashville crispy chicken, bbq crispy chicken, tomato,
gouda, house spicy peppers, crispy onion, spicy quick
pickled cucumbers, romaine, ranch

  • Superfood Topper (GF, VGN)

    $105 small (8-10) | $135 med (12-15) | $170 large (16-20)

broccoli slaw, edamame, seasoned quinoa, avocado,
roasted cauliflower, blueberries, chopped romaine-kale
blend, pomegranate orange vinaigrette


  • Pimento Cheese (V)

    $37 full portion

cheddar cheese dip, roasted red pimento peppers,
sesame crostini

  • Chicken Wings (GF)

    $70 half pan (8-10) | $130 full pan (16-20)

(hot or for reheat) buffalo, bbq, sweet chili, dry rub,
includes sides platter of carrot, celery, blue cheese,

  • Philly Steak Calzone

    $65 serves 10

shaved steak, sauteed peppers & mushrooms,

  • Pork Shank Wings

    $55 / dozen

hoisin bbq, pickled cucumbers

  • Caramelized Pineapple and Chicken Quesadillas

    $24 / dozen

  • Wild Mushroom Quesadillas (V)

    $22 / dozen

portobello, caramelized onion, swiss, goat cheese,

Specialty Sandwiches

  • The Winner (GFNA)

    $12.95 / ea

Roasted chicken breast, green goddess dressing,
shredded lettuce, tomato, bacon, french baguette

  • Never Gonna Give You Up (GFNA)

    $12.95 / ea

Turkey breast, spicy mayo, pepper jack cheese, dill pickles,
arugula, french baguette


  • Truffled Parmesan Mashed Potatoes (GF, V)

    $4.95 pp

parmesan cheese, white truffle oil

  • Harissa Maple Rainbow Carrots (GF, VGN)

    $4.45 pp

  • Grilled Broccolini (GF, VGN)

    $5.25 pp

Roasted Garlic, Lemon

  • Herbed Couscous (V)

    $5.30 pp

peas, parmesan, fine herbs

Entrées (four person minimum)

  • Grilled Swordfish Puttanesca (GF)

    $18 pp

olives, capers, garlic and spicy red pepper

  • Preserved Lemon Chicken Breast (GF)

    $12.65 pp

tomato, red onion, lemon jus

  • Pan Seared Chicken

    $14.45 pp

Pommery mustard sauce

  • Shrimp and Chorizo Paella (GF)

    $100 half pan (serves 10-12) | $190 full pan (serves 20-24)

  • Vegetable Paella (GF, VGN)

    $65 half pan (serves 10-12) | $125 full pan (serves 20-24)

Artichokes and mushrooms

  • Short Rib Ravioli

    $16.50 pp

wild mushrooms, creamed leeks, roasted potatoes, red
wine reduction


  • Cannoli Dip And Chips Platter (V)

    $49 (serves 10-12)

Orange chocolate chip cannoli cream, cannoli crisps, vanilla wafers, strawberries

  • Gingerbread Whoopie Pie (V)

    $21 full size half dozen | $21 mini dozen

  • Mini Oreo Cupcakes(V)

    $13.95 mini dozen

  • Gluten Free Vegan Brownie (GF, VGN)

    $3.35 / ea

Individually wrapped featuring D’s Bakeshop, Boston MA

  • Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie (GF, VGN)

    $2.45 / ea

Individually wrapped featuring D’s Bakeshop, Boston MA

  • Mini Vegan Gluten Free Lime Tarts (GF, VGN)

    $21 half dozen

  • Mini Pear And Salted Caramel Mousse Tarts (V)

    $21 half dozen

Caramelized pears, salted caramel mousse

  • Pies – Apple, Blueberry, Pecan, Pumpkin (V)

    $32.90 (serves 8-10)

  • Winter Dessert Box (V)

    $25.00 (serves 4-6)

Includes sugar dusted snowflake cookies, white chocolate cranberry cookie, flourless chocolate bites, mini red velvet and chocolate whoopie pies (10 pieces total)

  • White Sugar Dusted Snowflake Cookies (V)

    $11.95 half dozen


  • Apple Cinnamon Infused Water (GF, VGN)

    $18.50 gallon

  • Hot Chocolate (GF, V)

    $24.75 small (serves 8-10) | $39.75 medium (serves 13-16)

scratch made, splash of vanilla and cinnamon


Our House crafted mixers are designed to mix equally with a 750mL bottle of liquor or wine. Serves 8-10

  • Cranberry Acai Sangria Mix (GF, VGN)


Acai puree, cranberry juice, citrus juices, fresh strawberry

  • Pomegranate Brown Sugar Mojito (GF, VGN)


fresh lime juice, mint brown sugar simple syrup, pomegranate
juice, suggested mix with rum

  • House-Made Margarita (GF, VGN)


delivered fresh

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