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Start Your Day
tropical greek yogurt parfait
vanilla greek yogurt, crushed pineapple, kiwi, mango, toasted coconut gf
$3.95 pp six person minimum
power breakfast burrito
scrambled egg whites, light cheese, sweet potatoes, black beans, salsa, guacamole,
whole wheat wrap $6.25 each six person minimum
tater tot breakfast flatbread cut into 36 bite size pieces
scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, spinach, pepper jack cheese $28 each
chicken club blasts
grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, roasted tomatoes, avocado ranch dip
$28 dozen two dozen minimum
crispy hasselback potato bites
melted jalopeno jack and cheddar cheese topping $32 dozen two dozen minimum gf
bbq salmon spring rolls

rice noodles, english cucumber, avocado, peanut bbq dipping sauce gf
$28.75 dozen (two dozen minimum)
scallion pancakes
duck, ginger sweet and sour, and pomegranate plum dipping sauces $66 small 44 pieces   $84 medium 56 pieces   $114 large 76 pieces
chicken lettuce wraps
stir-fried ground chicken, water chestnuts, ginger, soy sauce,
sides platter of bibb lettuce, shredded carrots, micro cilantro, scallions, ginger plum sauce $6.50 pp six person minimum
asian crudite
marinated shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, daikon radish, baby corn, peppers, edamame hummus, creamy ginger sauce
$35.75 small serves 10-12   $48.75 medium serves 12-15   $55.25 large serves 15-18
chicken cordon bleu quesadillas
thinly sliced ham, swiss cheese, grilled chicken, mustard dipping sauce
$72.50 small 44 pieces    $93 medium 56 pieces   $124.50 large 76 pieces
local artisan cheese platter
great hill blue, vermont butter creamy goat cheese, smith's gouda, boggy meadow baby swiss, cabot sharp cheddar, dried fruit, grapes, and cracker platter
$115.47 small serves 15-20   $144.40 medium serves 20-25   $172.50 large 26-30
Grilled Flatbread
cut into 36 bite size pieces
bbq chicken meatball
tomatoes, scallions, peppers, mozzarella, ancho drizzle $36 each
roasted vegetable white bean pesto whole wheat crust $32 each
shrimp scampi white sauce, wild shrimp, garlic, crushed red pepper $46 each
big mac pickle pie
ground beef, cheddar cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, special sauce $32 each
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Soups $42.95
a “to go” container serves 16 cups
asian chicken noodle 
creamy tomato tortellini
chicken tortilla
chicken vegetable gf
french onion, swiss croutons
pho vietnamese beef noodle gf
tomato basil
a “to go” container serves 16 cups
beef stew $59.95
beef and sausage or vegetable chili $59.95 gf
chicken and andouille gumbo $59.95
mulligatawny $59.95
pasta e fagioli pasta, beans, vegetables $59.95
white chicken chili sweet potato, quinoa $59.95
new england clam chowder $65

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six person minimum
french onion turkey meatloaf gruyere cheese topping, french onion au jus $9.95 pp
make your own greek taco wraps
seasoned ground beef,  oregano, garlic, peppers and onions, sides platter of
bibb lettuce,  crumbled feta cheese, tzatziki, hummus and pita bread $ 9.95 pp
thai stir-fry vegetables, thai basil, ginger sauce $8.95 vegetarian  
$10.95 chicken   $12.95 beef   $15.95 shrimp
honey sesame chicken
lightly fried medallions, sticky asian honey sauce, sesame seeds $8.95 pp
chicken pomodoro
seasoned medallions, tomato pomodoro sauce, basil, grilled zucchini $10.50 pp
lightened up winter vegetable lasagna
HP half pan serves 10-12 TP three quarter pan serves 16-18 FP full pan serves 20-24
roasted peppers, kale, wild mushrooms, low fat cheeses, marinara sauce
$69.95 HP   $107.75 TP   $135 FP
pan-seared pork cutlets mustard cider sauce, herb buttered egg noodles $8.95 pp
pizza stuffed shells pepperoni ricotta filling, mozzarella, marinara $8.95  pp
parmesan crusted tilapia tomato basil cream $9.95 pp
lentil stuffed peppers long grain rice, spanish spices, eggplant, leafy greens $7.95 pp
citrus tamari tofu steak kimchi fried rice $8.50 pp
HP half pan serves 10-12 TP three quarter pan serves 16-18 FP full pan serves 20-24
chicken $77 HP   $119 TP   $149 FP
vegetarian $69 HP   $107 TP   $135 FP
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six person minimum
power green and butternut squash salad
swiss chard, kale, baby spinach, roasted butternut squash, chick peas,
indian spiced croutons, tahini vinaigrette $4.75 pp gf
wild rice, citrus, lentil salad
$4.25 pp gf
grilled radicchio, pink grapefruit fennel salad
$4.35 pp gf
mediterranean chopped salad
baby cucumbers, oven-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted onions, feta cheese
$3.95 pp gf
grilled flatbread antipasto salad
garlic parmesan toasted flat bread croutons, tomatoes, sweet basil, fresh mozzarella, artichokes, italian meats, light italian vinaigrette $4.95 pp
late winter spa salad topper platter
baby spinach, kale, arugula, sides platter of pink grapefruit, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli, fennel, roasted salmon, toasted almonds, goat cheese, basil vinaigrette
$95 small serves 6-10   $149 medium serves 11-15   $198 large serves 16-20
glass rice noodle salad
napa cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, scallions, snow peas, mint,
tamari chili sauce dressing. $6.50 pp
blt ranch pasta salad
crumbled bacon, tomatoes, swiss cheese, red onions, torn romaine,
house made buttermilk ranch dressing $4.50 pp
balsamic roasted squash, wheat berry, wild rice salad
shaved brussels sprouts, apricots, pomegranate vinaigrette $4.25 pp
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six person minimum
wild mushroom and leek quinoa pilaf chives, creamed leeks, parsley $3.95 pp
zucchini, carrot, parsnip cake potatoes, spiced greek yogurt dip $3.85 pp
roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts cranberries, frizzled sage $4.25 pp
kimchi fried rice edamame, scallions, cilantro $3.95 pp
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white sugar dusted snowflakes $7.20 half dozen
dark and stormy oatmeal cream pies
soft ginger oatmeal cookies, rum butter cream $19.50 half dozen
challah bread pudding custard, raisins, warm caramel sauce on side
$27.50 medium serves 8   $49.50 half pan serves 12-16
hot chocolate bar
topper platter of mini marshmallow ,gf candy canes gf, shaved chocolate gf,
crumbled mini oreo cookies, crumbled peanut butter cups
$42.30 small serves 8-10   $65.90 medium serves 13-16
gf = gluten free

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