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Winter Greens
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Start Your Day
power breakfast burrito
scrambled egg whites, light cheese, sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado,
whole wheat wrap $6.25 each (6 person minimum)
tater tot breakfast flatbread cut into 36 bite size pieces
scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, spinach, pepper jack cheese $28 each
wild mushrooms quesadillas
portobello confit, caramelized onions, fontina, goat cheese,
pomegranate cranberry dipping sauce
$72.50 small 44 pieces
$93 medium 56 pieces
$124.50 large 76 pieces
Dim Sum and More
asian pork dumplings
cilantro soy dipping sauce, pineapple ginger sauce $18.75 dozen (two dozen minimum)
bbq salmon spring rolls gf
soba noodles, english  cucumber, avocado, peanut bbq dipping sauce
$28.75 dozen (two dozen minimum)
scallion pancakes
duck, ginger sweet and sour, pomegranate plum dipping sauces
$66 small 44 pieces
$84 medium 56 pieces
$114 large 76 pieces
sweet and sour wings gf
toasted sesame seeds, pineapple ginger dipping sauce
$125 small 100 pieces
$154.25 medium 125 pieces
$217 large 175 pieces
chicken lettuce wraps
stir-fried ground chicken, water chestnuts, ginger, soy sauce, sides platter of bibb lettuce,
shredded carrots, micro cilantro, scallions, ginger plum sauce $6.50 pp six person minimum
asian crudite
marinated shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, daikon radish, baby corn, peppers,
edamame hummus, creamy ginger sauce
$35.75 small serves 10-12
$48.75 medium serves 12-15
$55.25 large serves 15-18
Cocktail Meatballs
two dozen minimum
bbq chicken
chorizo, jalapeno jack, bacon, bbq sauce $21 dozen
big bird
turkey, stuffing, cranberries, sage, turkey gravy $22.25 dozen
buffalo chicken 
blue cheese, caramelized onions, blue cheese dip $21 dozen
tuscan beef and pork
port wine braised portobello mushrooms, fontina, red wine reduction $24 dozen

Mac and Cheese Fritters
two dozen minimum
sausage and cheese
roasted peppers, smoked gouda $24.50 dozen
three cheese
provolone, fontina, mozzarella cheese $19 dozen
lobster and shrimp
cheddar cheese, scallions $42 dozen
Grilled Flatbread
cut into 36 bite size pieces
eddie muenster
kale, bacon, muenster cheese, purple potato slices $32 each
duck confit
fontina cheese, caramelized onions, pears, black cherries, port reduction $42 each
chicken ‘blt” ranch
white sauce, pulled chicken, tomato, monetary jack cheese, arugula $32 each
big mac pickle pie
ground beef, cheddar cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, special sauce $32 each
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Soups $42.95
a “to go” container serves 16 cups
chicken vegetable soup gf
french onion soup, swiss croutons
pho vietnamese beef noodle soup gf
thai coconut curry, lentils vegan gf
tomato basil gf
a “to go” container serves 16 cups
beef mushroom barley $59.95
beef and sausage or vegetable chili $59.95 gf
creamy cheesy broccoli $59.95
chicken cacciatore $59.95
pasta e fagioli, pasta, beans, vegetables $59.95
winter minestrone $59.95 gf
new england clam chowder $65
lobster bisque $72.95
six person minimum
beef and broccoli lo mein
scallions, bean sprouts, toasted sesame seeds $9.95 pp
beef tenderloin au poivre
greens, mini brioche buns, wild mushroom leek ragout, cognac cream sauce $22.95 pp
chicken pomodoro
seasoned chicken medallions, tomato pomodoro sauce, basil, grilled zucchini $10.50 pp
shish kebobs “deconstructed”
peppers, mushrooms, onions, tzatziki
beef $12.95 pp
chicken $9.95 pp
shrimp $14.95 pp
swordfish $13.95 pp
salmon cakes
honey mustard vinaigrette $7.95 pp
baked rigatoni bolognese
hearty bolognese sauce, three cheeses, basil
$69 half pan serves 10-12
$107 three quarter pan serves 16-18
$135 full pan serves 20-24
teriyaki barbecued pork tenderloin
bamboo shoot, scallion, cilantro salad, lime orange vinaigrette $9.95 pp
short rib ravioli
wild mushrooms, creamed leeks, roasted potatoes, red wine reduction $13.95 pp
roast turkey dinner with all the fixins’
hand carved all natural turkey breast, cranberries in wine, savory turkey gravy, sage
vegetable stuffing, yukon gold whipped potatoes, green beans with herb butter, mesclun
salad with dried cranberries and goat cheese, dinner rolls with butter $18.95 pp
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six person minimum
winter mesclun salad gf
winter greens, shaved fennel, oranges, honey lemon vinaigrette $4.15 pp
balsamic roasted squash, wheat berry, wild rice salad
shaved brussels sprouts, apricots, pomegranate vinaigrette $4.25 pp
whole wheat pasta kale salad
fried kale, tomatoes, chick peas, crumbled feta cheese, white harissa vinaigrette $3.95 pp
grilled flatbread antipasto salad
garlic parmesan toasted flat bread croutons, tomatoes, sweet basil, fresh mozzarella,
artichokes, italian meats, light italian vinaigrette $4.95 pp
tex mex salad toppers platter
romaine salad, sides platter of bbq grilled chicken, grilled corn, black beans, tomatoes,
saut‚ed peppers and onions, crispy tortilla strips, avocado, jalapeno jack cheese, buttermilk ranch dressing
$95 small serves 6-10
$135 medium serves 11-15
$179 large serves 16-20
ramen noodle chicken salad
shredded cabbage, carrots, scallions, almonds, mandarin oranges, sherry vinaigrette
$6.65 pp
lemon yogurt chicken salad chive, oregano, celery $7.95 pp
moroccan carrot and chickpea salad, dried plums, quinoa, toasted cumin $4.25 pp
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six person minimum
HP half pan serves 10-12
TP three quarter pan serves 16-18
FP full pan serves 20-24
scalloped potato gratin
parmesan, potatoes, cream
$59.95 hp
$96.75 tp
$118.75 fp
trees and cheese
roasted broccoli spears, cheddar cheese sauce $3.85 pp gf
sweet and spicy roasted brussel sprouts
honey, crushed red pepper glaze $4.25 pp gf
buffalo roasted cauliflower warm blue cheese sauce $4.50 pp gf
red and green sugar cookies $6.60 half dozen
white sugar dusted snowflakes $6.60 half dozen
red velvet whoopie pies
candy cane filling $16.80 half dozen
apple crisp
nut streusel topping
$27.50 medium serves 8
$49.50 half pan serves 12-16
eggnog cheesecake $49 serves 12-16
grasshopper cheesecake $49 serves 12-16
peppermint chocolate gateau $49 serves 12-16
linzer torte $41 serves 12-16
pear ginger tart $41 serves 12-16
yule log
vanilla swiss roll, coffee buttercream, chocolate sour cream ganache
$26 small serves 6-8
$39 medium serves 12-14
hot chocolate bar
topper platter of mini marshmallow, candy canes, shaved chocolate, crumbled mini oreo cookies, crumbled peanut butter cups
$34.40 small serves 8-10
$65.90 medium serves 13-16
gf = gluten free

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