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traditional sandwich platter
$8.75 pp (six person minimum) nd
chicken salad, grilled chicken breast, grilled vegetables and provolone, ham, roast beef, tuna salad, turkey breast,
lettuce, tomato, condiments
tortilla wrap platter
$9.25 pp (six person minimum) nd
chicken salad with grapes, grilled chicken caesar,
grilled vegetables with hummus, roast beef with boursin, turkey breast with honey mustard,
lettuce, tomato, condiments
specialty sandwich and wrap platter
$9.50 pp (six person minimum)
autumn gardener’s delight
roasted beets, pears, goat cheese spread, baby arugula
bbq chicken
torn greens, cole slaw, tomato
big bird sandwich
sliced turkey, house made stuffing, cranberry aioli
buffalo grilled chicken wrap
torn romaine lettuce, blue cheese, celery, carrots, tomato,
buffalo seasoned mayonnaise
grilled chicken cobb wrap
avocado, applewood smoked bacon, tomato,
romaine lettuce, blue cheese, mayonnaise
falafel wrap
house made falafel, hummus, cucumber tomato salad,
torn romaine
fennel salami and buffalo mozzarella
aged salami, fresh mozzarella, marinated artichokes,
green olive and sun dried tomato relish
classic italian sandwich
capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, genoa salami, tomato, banana peppers, provolone cheese, italian vinaigrette
roast pork banh mi
slow roasted pork shoulder, pickled cucumber, carrots, field greens, cilantro, vietnamese mayonnaise
teriyaki glazed salmon wrap
carrots tomato, cucumbers, bean sprouts, lettuce,
jasmine rice, ginger cream
the beast
roast beef, blue cheese spread, baby arugula
specialty sandwich selection as of 10.11.16
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tea sandwiches
boutique sandwiches on assorted crust less breads
(2 dozen minimum, 1 dozen minimum of each kind)
vegetarian fillings
$33 per dozen
english cucumber, boursin, watercress
goat cheese, sun dried tomato, grilled zucchini
brie and apple with chutney
meat fillings
$37.50 per dozen
turkey breast, cranberry spread, brie
prosciutto, asparagus, boursin
ham, smoked gouda, apple chutney
prosciutto, fig, goat cheese, mesclun greens
roast beef, blue cheese spread, watercress
roast beef, caramelized onions, arugula, lemon aioli
turkey, cheddar, cranberries in wine
seafood fillings
$51.50 per dozen
atlantic smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese,
cucumber dill
poached shrimp, tarragon butter, baby arugula
finger sandwiches
four bite finger sandwich on challah rolls
(2 half-dozen minimum)
$28 per half dozen
turkey breast, honey mustard
cucumber, mint, boursin, greens
tuna salad, greens
egg salad, watercress
grilled chicken, balsamic syrup, sun dried tomatoes,
goat cheese
grilled chicken, basil pesto, tomato, fresh mozzarella
grilled vegetables, hummus
chicken salad with grapes
rare roast beef, boursin, watercress
roast beef, cheddar horseradish, red onion, arugula
turkey breast, herb cream cheese, strawberries
$37 per half dozen
shrimp salad with tarragon, lemon, tomato, mesclun greens
tenderloin of beef, horseradish cream
crab salad, tomato, avocado
lobster salad
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grab and go” box lunch
cape cod potato chips, soda,
choice of cookie, square, or fresh fruit salad
with traditional sandwich $13.75 pp
with wrap $14.25 pp
with specialty sandwich $14.50 pp
red bliss potato or pasta salad, soda,
choice of cookie, square, or fresh fruit salad
with traditional sandwich $14.75 pp
with wrap $15.25 pp
with specialty sandwich $15.50 pp
make your own platters
sm serves 6-8    med serves 10-12    lg serves 16-18
$71.50 small   $106.50 medium   $174 large
turkey breast, ham, corned beef, grilled chicken breast,
roast beef, lettuce, tomato, cheeses, breads, condiments
deli salad
$72.50 small    $109.50 medium    $174.50 large
all three or any combination
chicken salad with grapes, egg salad, tuna salad,
lettuce, tomato, cheeses, breads, condiments
(one dozen minimum of each type)
angus beef, cheddar, sesame seed buns $42.20 dozen
buffalo chicken, blue cheese, carrots, celery, buffalo sauce drizzle $43.20 dozen
chicken parmesan, crusty french roll, marinara dipping sauce $43.20 dozen
pulled pork, buttermilk biscuit , jicama slaw, chipotle aioli $42.20 dozen
new england lobster roll, $92.50 dozen (2 dozen minimum)
grilled vegetable focaccia, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, portabella mushrooms, and pesto $40.50 dozen
tuscan white bean, baby arugula, pickled onions, lemon aioli, brioche buns $40.50 dozen
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canned sodas $1.95 each nd
bottled spring waters $1.85 each nd
sparkling poland springs bottled waters $2.10 each nd
honest iced teas $2.50 bottle nd
nantucket nectar lemonade or half and half 2.50 bottle nd
We offer gluten free bagels and breads for breakfast and lunch platters.  Ask for details when you place your order.
nd = available next day
Bouquet Garni

menu highlights:

soups stews chili
appetizer platters
pasta, flatbreads, and calzones

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