six person minimum
Breakfast Platter
mini muffins, scones, teacakes, croissants, cinnamon rolls, bagels, cream cheese, butter, fruit preserves $4.25 pp
Teacake Platter
blueberry, cranberry nut, lemon, orange chocolate chip,
sour cream $3.50 pp
Bagel Platter
cream cheese, butter, fruit preserves $2.45 pp
Breakfast Sandwich
scrambled eggs, cheese, english muffin or tortilla wrap
$4.95 pp
with bacon, ham, or sausage $5.80 pp
Skinny Breakfast Sandwich
egg whites, light cheese, turkey bacon, ww english muffin
$5.80 pp
breakfast burrito
scrambled eggs, cheese, rice, beans, flour tortilla, salsa
$5.80 pp
with bacon, ham, or sausage $6.85 pp
buttermilk pancakes (2 pancakes)
pure maple syrup, butter $4.20 pp
with chocolate chips $4.75 pp
with banana or blueberries $5.25 pp
challah french toast
pure maple syrup, fresh strawberries $4.99 pp
deep dish quiche serves 6-8
broccoli feta $26.50
garden medley $26.50
spinach mushroom $26.50
three cheese $26.50
quiche lorraine $28.50
tomato and asparagus $28.50
smoked salmon, leeks, brie $29.70
Half Pan quiche serves 18-20
$74.95 / $83.75 / $85.95
breakfast smoked salmon platter
smoked norwegian salmon, cream cheese, scallion cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, assorted bagels $9.95 pp
sliced almonds, granola, dried fruit
$24.99 serves eight bowls or sixteen cups
fresh fruit salad  gf
watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, grapes
$3.95 pp
yogurt parfait with fruit and granola $3.95 pp
individual yogurt $1.50 pp gf
yogurt with granola $2.85 pp gf
premium applewood bacon slices (3) $3.20 pp gf
turkey bacon (3) $3.75 pp gf
breakfast country sausage links (3) $3.10 pp gf
maple glazed black forest ham steak $4.50 pp gf
hard boiled eggs with sea salt $1.25 ea gf
roasted seasoned breakfast potatoes $3.25 pp gf
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freshly brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee, or tea
$17.95 small serves 8-10
$27.95 medium serves 13-16
orange juice $7.75 half gallon
freshly squeezed orange juice  $17.35 gallon
(subject to availability)
nantucket nectar bottled juices $2.25 ea
gf = gluten free
We also offer gluten free bagels and breads for breakfast and lunch platters, ask for details when you place your order.
Bouquet Garni

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soups stews chili
appetizer platters
pasta, flatbreads, and calzones